Frequently Asked Questions

What is home health care?

Home health care provides medical treatment for an illness or injury, with the goal of helping you recover, regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible. More than just providing excellent care in the comfort of your home, home health care is the most economical way to provide care for your loved ones.

In India, professional home healthcare has not got its due attention so far. This may be due to a number of reasons.

Being a developing country with a relatively young population, focus on home healthcare – which predominantly caters to the elderly population – was not on government’s list of priorities, until recently.

Also, labour being cheap, unskilled carers were used for caring for the elderly at home.

Yet another reason may be the cultural aspect. Like in other Asian countries, Indian patriarchal / matriarchal societies expected the children to take care of their parents during old age. A society in which parents and teachers are compared with God (‘Matha, Pitha, Guru Daivam’), this was a natural obligation which the children proudly shared.

All this has changed in the recent past. Nuclear families, with ageing parents, find it hard to provide care for their parents, amidst their busy work life. Many of them are forced to leave their parents behind and find jobs in other parts of the state/country/globe.   

Increased life expectancy on account of advances in medicine and living conditions has resulted in increasing proportion of aged in the population and social issues related to their care and well-being.

While home healthcare is an established industry in the developed countries, in India it is confined to agencies that provide private duty nurses and/or home nurses.

In a country where population is the biggest hurdle to its development, government’s resources are often distributed amongst the poorer sections of the society, leaving the upper and upper-middle class to find solutions themselves. This is where the importance of quality in-home care comes in.   

Guardian Angel Homecare is our humble effort to address this critical need. GAHC is a professional company that takes up the responsibility of care of your loved ones. A company that will impart professional care to your loved ones, through specially trained nurses and caregivers.

Guardian Angel Homecare offers health care services in three major categories:

  1. Medical Care:

1)     Skilled Nursing

2)     Home Consultation by medical practitioners

  1. Non-medical Care:

1)     Personal Care

2)     Companion Care

3)     Respite Care

  1. Rehabilitation Therapy

1)     Physiotherapy

2)     Speech Therapy

  1. Other Services

1)     Counselling Services

2)     Non-Emergency Medical Transport

We can offer specialized care programs that focus on actively involving you in your health care process, addressing conditions including:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • pain management
  • wound care
  • infusion therapy
  • oncology
  • chronic kidney disease

What is Guardian Angel Home Care?

Guardian Angel Homecare is a whole new - truly professional and revelutionary - approach to medical and non-medical, in-homecare. At Guardian Angel Homecare Private Limited, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our clients to help them achieve a quality of life they deserve, by providing first-class professional home healthcare, delivered with uncompromising quality standards and a commitment to service excellence.

What can I expect on the first home health care visit?

On the first visit, a nurse or therapist will conduct an initial evaluation. At Guardian Angel, this thorough interview and evaluation is part of our coordinated approach to managing your overall health status. Our evaluation focuses on educating you in self-care management and partners with your doctor to promote disease prevention and proactive care – which includes the family or caregivers.

This team approach facilitates an easier transition for you from a hospital or nursing facility to your home, and actively engages you and your caregivers in your health care.

Will Guardian Angel create a care plan just for me or my loved one?

Yes. Once we receive the enquiry, a Guardian Angel Nursing Supervisor will come to your home to assess your needs. If it is only non-medical care, we will prepare a personalized care plan and a care schedule. If the care involves medical care, we will communicate with your doctor to discuss the assessment and work together to develop your personal plan of care. Guardian Angel Homecare staff will implement your plan of care and keep your doctor updated about your progress, wherever necessary. If your condition or needs change, we’ll review your plan of care and make any adjustments deemed necessary.

How often will my home health care visits be?

The frequency of home health care visits and the services provided are based on your needs or doctor’s orders. You can increase or decrease the number of visits or services provided, in order to receive the best home health care for your needs.

My doctor is ordering home health care for me; can I request you to come down and make an assessment while at the hospital or at my home, without committing to your care?

Absolutely, and we’d be honoured to come and make a no obligation, free initial assessment for you or your loved one, at the hospital or at your home. Being an in-home service, our services are available only within the service area. At the moment, many of our services are limited to a 10 km radius from our office at Padamugal. We will let you know, before making the visit, whether your home falls within the service area.