About Guardian Angel HC

A whole new approach to medical and non-medical, in-home care in India.

Guardian Angel Homecare was conceived from the ground up to be a completely new approach to high-quality in-home care. All our services are defined with the ‘client first’ approach. We promise to provide our clients a truly exceptional service, in line with international standards. And that exceptional care starts with our people, our Angels. 

We offer a wide range of services, to help meet care needs of you / your loved ones. Our experienced and specially trained nurses, caregivers and therapists provide professional services that can be customized solutions to suit your needs. Our services are available on as needed, hourly or live-in basis.

Guardian Angel Homecare offers a whole spectrum of services under medical, non-medical and therapeutic care.  

Medical care

With increasing cost of hospitalization and limited availability of accomodation and other resources, there is a need to look at home healthcare more seriously to ease out the stress on the system. Most advanced countries are focussing on this aspect. 

Home consultation by doctors

We understand the challenges you and your loved ones face, when one has to be taken to a doctor for a routine check up. Often these visits are exhausting for the patient, time-consuming and expensive. Guardian Angel has doctors in its panel who can visit your loved ones at your home. 
 Skilled Nursing 

Our skilled nurses can administer injections, provide wound care and dressing, catheter care, vitals monitoring, blood sugar testing, medication management, hospice assistance, care assessment, care plan and care supervision and more. If it is skilled nursing care at home that your loved ones need, call us to find out how we can help.

Non-medical care

Your parents have taken good care of you. And, now when they need care, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. Your occupation and current posting may keep them out of your sight, but nothing should stop you from giving them the best quality and professional care that only Guardian Angel can provide. 

Personal Care


If your loved ones require assistance or total care for performing any of the activities of daily living (ADLs), we can definitely help. Some of the activities that our caregivers and nurses provide are:

Bathing & Hygiene | Skin and Back Care | Transfer and posture positioning | Continence & Toileting Care | Oral Hygiene | Medication Management etc.

Companion Care

Getting older can be a difficult and lonely experience. Studies prove that, lower level of activity, fewer social interactions etc., often increase the chance of diseases such as dementia.

Our specially trained staff makes regular visits, provide company and engage them in activities and conversation that focus on intellectual stimulation. In our companion care specialists your will find a good listener, a helpful and informed person with whom you can have a healthy and intellectual conversation, someone who will remind you about medications, someone who will help you send email or talk to your grandchildren over skype and someone who can take you around the park etc.

Respite Care
  Caring for someone is an exhausting and full-time activity, even if it is your loved ones. Plus, if you have to attend work and/or have school going kids, often the stress is unbearable. And, unlike in any other job, there are no holidays or privilege leaves that you can take.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Post surgical rehabilitation is an important aspect of recovery. How fast you recover, greatly depends on what you do and how you deal with the post surgical rehabilitation. Guardian Angel has physiotherapists and Speech Therapists who can help you / your loved ones, get back to normalcy at the earliest.

Our specialists can visit you at your hospital and plan out the care, inconsultation with your doctor.


Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists can help you with the support that you require. 
Speech Therapy 

In some cases, a stroke can lead to partial paralysis and loss of faculty of speech. Our Speech therapists can help you recover fast.

Other Services

When it comes to caring for ones you love, you will definitely ensure that all aspects are taken care of. So do we. That's why, we have thought about other services too. (Please note that, some of these services have not become operational.)



Many of our seniors, and for that matter some non-seniors, are unable to adjust to the circumstances they are in, be it loneliness, the stress, interpersonal issues at home or workplace. We do offer services of expert counsellors, who can help tide over the situation, through counselling. 

New Mother Care & Education

Expectant mothers are an anxious lot, especially, when it is the first pregnancy. Our specialist nurses can help alleviate many of these anxities and advise you on various aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. In a world, where women are also working, the dietary habits, personal hygiene, daily routine, sleeping habits, mood variations etc are things that can directly or indirectly impact the well-being of both the mother and baby.

Post delivery period brings up a different set of issues that need to be addressed and inadequate care during this period for the mother and the baby can lead to health problems later in their lives.

Guardian Angel Nurses are specially trained to provide you nursing care and education, during this all important stage in your life.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Whether it is a routine visit to your physician, going home after hospitalization or a family function that you have to attend, comfortable travel is important.

Specially trained drivers in comfortably designed vehicle, ensures that your travel causes minimal strain on the patient.