Care Process at Guardian Angel


The care process at Guardian Angel ensures that each of our esteemed clients receive care that is custom designed to meet his / her individual needs. 

For Live-in Care and Regular Personal Care visits, process adopted is depicted below. 

1.    Initial Care Assessment

Initial care assessment is conducted after an enquiry is received and an appointment for the initial assessment is fixed. This is a no-obligation, free assessment.

Purpose of this step is to understand / assess the specific care needs of the patient.

Assessment is performed by interviewing the patient, family members, family caregivers and others who are involved in care. Environmental assessment is also performed to identify any changes/aids required at the point of care


  1. Patient personal profile
  2. Emergency contact information
  3. Daily routine, allergies etc.
  4. Medical Diagnosis, if any, consulting hospital, doctors, current medications and its dosages etc.
  5. Self care deficiencies, care requirement, expectations – patient and family, suitable timings, other caregivers involved in the patient’s care etc. 

2.    Detailed Assessment (Optional)

Detailed assessment is typically performed when the care required includes skilled nursing and . This is an optional step and is normally a paid service.

Purpose => To capture additional medical information relevant for providing skilled nursing care. 

Assessment is performed by interviewing the patient, family members, family caregivers and others who are involved in care. Clinical assessment of patient’s physical and mental health is also conducted. Review of past medical records and where necessary (and possible), a discussion with the patient's consulting doctor is also arranged to capture necessary information.


  1. Captures additional information regarding patient’s medical condition.
  2. Includes confidential information
  3. Inputs from clinical assessment of patient’s physical and mental health
  4. Information about medication regimen
  5. Additional information and treatments
  6. Captures client or guardian authorization on information collected

3.    Prepare Care Plan

After the assessment phase, the nursing team sits down to prepare a care plan. The nursing diagnosis, care objectives, the plan of action to meet these objectives and its implementation are carefully documented in the Care Plan. Based on this care plan, the team then prepares a care schedule tailor made for the patient.

Care plan and Care Schedule are then shared with the patient or patient’s family for any suggestions / modifications etc. Changes are made based on suggestions/ modifications and care plan and schedule are finalized.


  1. Finalized Care Plan, having clear care objectives
  2. Care schedule that specifies the details of care activity, days and the duration.
  3. Care review date is also finalized.

4.    Care Plan Endorsement

In certain cases, especially in case of skilled nursing care, consulting doctor’s endorsement of the care plan is sought. Any modifications / suggestions from the consulting physician or the specialist are also incorporated.


  1. Care Plan approved by the consulting physician / specialist.

5.    Commence Care

The process of starting a care assignment involves identifying the caregiver, briefing the caregiver about the patient and the care plan/ care schedule, specific needs of the patient and important aspects to be monitored etc.

Also, information necessary for providing the care in most efficient manner, are also shared with the caregiver.

Caregiver is introduced to the patient in the first visit by the care supervisor.


  1.  Identifying & assigning the caregivers
  2. Briefing the caregiver about the care.
  3. Introducing the caregiver to the client
  4. Commence care activity

6.    Supervision & Quality Assurance

Regular supervision of care activity and interaction of the care supervisor with the client and family is important to ensure effective administration of care.  All documentation including activity log, nursing notes, timesheets and other medical documentation prepared at the point of care are reviewed for correctness and completeness by the supervisor and QA Officer.


  1. Regular supervisory oversight
  2. Quality Assurance

7.    Care Review

Care review involves assessment of care efficacy and progress of patient. It involves physical examination, interaction with patient and family on the services and the caregiver, feedback from caregivers and assessor’s own observations on various aspects of care and the assessment of plan versus actual as far as care objectives are concerned.


  1. Filled-in Care Review Form updated with follow-up action taken and planned.

8.    Care Plan Revision

 Care review may result in changes to Care Plan, Care Schedule, Caregiver, Services or a continuation of care etc.


  1. Revised Care Plan
  2. Revised Care Schedule
  3. Next Care Review date


Customer satisfaction surveys, care counselling and regular care reporting are standard features of Guardian Angel Care.  At Guardian Angel, we leave no stone unturned to ensure client satisfaction.